Friday, January 6, 2012

Tile With Texture

We are introduced to a lot of new tile at Useful Spaces.  Suppliers bring in the latest colours and shapes, manufacturers send us press releases showing of the latest additions to their catalogues.  There's so much coming at us all the time that it really all starts to blend together.  So when a new tile comes along that's really unique, we sit up and take notice.  Today, we'd like to share with you some tile that's really grabbed our attention.

From Kutahyah Seramik (Turkey) comes a line called Versatile.  Versatile features 2 geometric shapes (the Arc & the Axis) each in six colours.  Each shape can be installed in a variety of patterns than resemble something like a Chinese Tanagram puzzle.  The good news?  There are distributors throughout the world, so this isn't a case of look, but can't touch ... and these tiles really beg to be touched.

Mosaico+ has really blurred the lines as to what is "proper" material for tile by mixing stone, glass, metal and wood ... yes wood ... for something truly unique.  What wood warms is made precious by metal; what glass reveals, stone conceals.  This series is all about the "dialogue" between materials, so it's no surprise that Mosaico+ has named it Dialoghi.  And before we receive any emails about wood not being a suitable choice, the wood used in these tiles is dried and treated to prevent any damage.

This last tile is almost a combination of the previous two, combining unique materials and adding a touch of geometric style. This is the Dune series from Toronto based Urbanproduct. Each batch of tiles is hand made based on the project, and is currently offered the tile in gypsum, wintertone, concrete and solid North American hardwoods.  Have some other material in mind?  Just ask.  The beauty of this tile is the way it uses material and shadow to alter the texture.  I would use this as a wall covering rather than the large sheets of horizontal grain white oak we've been seeing lately. Much more interesting.


Nick @ Cupboards said...

Great looking tile, Arne! Thanks for sharing!

dcoopsd said...

Love love the Dune product! I must figure out where I can install it...

Live The Fine Life said...

The Dune tile is my favorite as well, B. Thank you for introducing us to these sources, Arne. I learn something new every time I visit Useful Spaces!

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