Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soaking It All In - Traditional Bathtubs with a Twist

As we head into what is supposed to be a harsh Winter in British Columbia, my thoughts started turning to luxurious ways to keep warm; namely a good long soak in a big tub.  My natural tendency is toward a modern aesthetic, but I've found some more traditional looking tubs that would easily get you through a snowy afternoon.

The Toulouse from Victoria & Albert is a terrific spin on the classic French boudoir tub.  Made from V&A's ENGLISHCAST® composite (volcanic limestone and resin) the Toulouse is cast as a single piece measuring 72" long, 31 1/2" wide and a relaxing 28.5" deep.  ENGLISHCAST® is also a natural insulator, so all that water stays warmer, longer.  

The Grandtour from Rapsel is a great example of blending traditional shape with modern design.  While the outside of the tub reflects the profile of some very detailed crown moulding, the inside features gentle curves creating a relaxing bathing environment.

At the 2011 IDS West Show, Vancouver, BC
At the recent IDS West Show in Vancouver, there was a lot of buzz over this new tub from BLU Bathworks.  Made from their proprietary Blu-stone composite, this free-standing oval tub may not be traditional in shape, but the detailed embossing on the side certainly is!

From Lapicida comes this ode to "old-school" limestone carving.  Yep, it's carved out of limestone.  And if the tub doesn't bring enough stone into your ensuite, there are matching vanity basins available as well!


  1. KimDec 8, 2011 02:43 PM
    The limestone one looks like pie crust. I'd feel like a baked apple.
  2. Arne SalvesenDec 8, 2011 03:43 PM
    Hah! I was thinking the same thing. Also curious how they'd make the limestone smooth enough for my delicate backside.

    Sorry ... TMI

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