Monday, December 19, 2011

NIM: The Gift of Pure Water

The middle of winter probably isn't the time year you spend a lot of time thinking about purifying your drinking water.  But considering we're only a couple weeks away from Christmas, I saw this as an opportunity to present a gift idea for the back-woods camper in your life ... or perhaps even someone who's going to be going through a remodel soon and will be getting their water from dodgy sources (it's stretch I know, but I had to find a way to fit this into a kitchen design blog!).

This is the SteriPEN® Freedom, a portable yet effective water sterilizer.  Simply immerse the Freedom's lamp into 1/2 litre (16 oz.) of water for 48 seconds (automatically pre-timed) and the watrer is ready to turn into coffee or used to boil Kraft Dinner.  Have 1 litre of water?  Simply run the treatment twice in the same container.  It's cordless and a single charge will last you about 40 "treatments".  It's available for about $120 from REI, MEC or their online store.


  1. plumbingDec 19, 2011 07:13 AM
    Wow! that's amazing. You can purify water in just seconds and it's guaranteed harm-free? What a genius invention. Big news for those health conscious.

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