Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

As a child I would create a wish list to help the adults in my life avoid the embarrassment of buying me socks for Christmas.  I continued the tradition with my kids (who got socks anyway) and today, I'm continuing it with you!  Partly as a guide for any of you wanting to make a really splashy purchase for yours truly (Aww shucks, you shouldn't have!) and partly to look after blog posts up to Christmas weekend (because who's kidding who, if I'm writing blog posts on Christmas Eve I'm in serious trouble), I present to you a brief list of some of my favourite finds over the year.

AGA makes one of the most envy-inducing range on the market, but apparently that wasn't enough.  They've introduced the AGA Total Control this year.  Now in addition to the great design, precise cooking surfaces and an array of colours, you can control your AGA with a remote control!  Yours ... er, mine ... for just $15,400.  And yes, I want the guitar as well.

Regular readers of Useful Spaces know I love LEGO. So when Ford and the newly opened LEGOland in Florida teamed up to create this Explorer I was seriously considering overlooking my dislike for SUV's. It's made of just over 380,000 bricks and weighs 2,654 pounds, or a bit more than half the weight of a real Explorer. I don't even want the actual vehicle .... just the plans. I'll spend Boxing Day building it myself!

I found this gorgeous carpet at the 2011 IDS West show in Vancouver this year.  For those that don't recognize it, that's a map of Downtown Vancouver, BC. From Salani, this "map" is part of the "Where Are We Going" collection ceated by Canadian designer Tracey Sawyer.  Carpets are available in Chalk, Graphite or Charcoal, either in all wool, or in combinations of wool, silk or cashmere.  I'd just find it useful to find my way home after too much rum & eggnog.

Here's a great little mechanical pencil I found on the Designboom store.  I really like a writing instrument that has some weight to it, and this one should have it in spades since it's made from cast concrete.  I just think it's a good looking pencil, and for $50 it's a perfect stocking stuffer.

Merry Christmas from Useful Spaces!


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