Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year in Review: Anyone Hungry?

2011 marked the year I merged my old food blog "I Could Eat" into Useful Spaces.  Food has always been a passion of mine and the connection between cooking, eating and kitchens was a natural.  The tradition of food writing continues on Useful Spaces in the form of Food Fridays ... my collection of stories about things I've cooked and places I've eaten.  Here are the most popular food posts from 2011:

Designing Kitchens for Cooks 
(August 19, 2011)

I'm really quite happy this post was as popular as it was (and still is).  It proves my point that there must be a connection between the act of cooking and the design of the kitchen, or at the very least a number of people feel the same way.  Whether you're an amateur gourmet or just happy making a daily pot of macaroni & cheese (NOTHING wrong with that) if your kitchen doesn't function properly nothing else really matters.  The kitchen continues to be a functioning work space and the more you share with your designer how you use that space, the better it will work for you in the end.

PNE 2011 - RibFest
(September 2, 2011)

Regular readers know I am a BBQ nut.  There is nothing better in this world than meat that has been slowly smoked into submission over wood an charcoal.  So it was with great joy that I discovered our annual fair was hosting an event called RibFest.  2 weeks of smoked meat was a great event unto itself, but more importantly it seriously upped the ante in terms of fair food at this year's fair.

A Spanish Feast for the Eyes - Part 2
(October 28, 2011)

I love Spain, and in particular Spanish food, and so, it seems, do you. This was the second food related post on my trip to Spain this year, and it focussed on the small town of Zaragoza during their Fiestas del Pilar.  Tapas, Serrano ham, and churros!  It was a great 4 days of eating and I was glad to share it with you.

So that's 2011 as I saw it.  I'd like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" to everyone who helped contribute and to everyone who took the time to read.  It means a lot to me and I hope to see even more of you in 2012.


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