Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Still Remember LEGO - Episode III

It's a crappy rainy day; the kind best spent indoors cleaning up your bookshelves, or in my case the bookmarked items in my RSS reader.  Oddly enough, a large number if the items I starred for reading later concerned LEGO and those who transform it into the most amazing things.  You may want to bookmark this post yourself, and save it for your own rainy day.  It'll cheer you up, I promise!

Is there anything more cheerful than ukulele music?  Comedian Steve Martin's assertion that you can't play something depressing on the banjo can be extended to the ukulele.  So how mind-numbingly cheerful would a LEGO ukulele be?  Well Ross Crawford may be the only person on earth who could give us that answer.

The tuning mechanisms on this instrument are particularly clever.  And to prove the ukulele can actually be played, I present Puff the Magic Dragon.

One of my favourite design blogs is written by the extremely talented Kevin Kidney. Kevin is a former Disney designer, now self-employed. His work is beautiful and fun; just the sort of thing to lift me out of a rainy day funk.

Recently Kevin featured a LEGO model of one of his Disney creations, created by Norwegian artist Henning Birkeland.  Henning is a digital artist who also happens to dabble in LEGO.  Just as impressive as the model, is the process Henning used to create it

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a feature on LEGO Master (yes, it's a legitimate title) Nathan Sawaya.  As much as I find Nathan's work impressive, the fact that he gave up a career in law to pursue his passion even more so.


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