Monday, October 3, 2011

NIM: The Laundry Pod - Guest Post

Big thanks to Arne for letting me sit in on Useful Spaces today! 

Everyone knows that I like to share unique and odd little finds that I run up on around the kitchen and bath industry. I suppose that's why Arne would ask me to be a guest on a New Idea Monday! Occasionally, some of the best new items come from companies that encourage out-of-the-box thinking and allows for limitless creativity. One of my new favorites is the Laundry Pod.

A product of RKS, the Laundry Pod allows a user to wash up to 6 garments without using electricity and using only a fraction of the water of a standard washing machine!

It's really a simple piece of equipment and has a startling resemblance to a salad spinner(google it if you haven't seen those things). 

Since it's a fairly simple machine, one would think it'd be fairly simple to use. You'd be right! All you need is some good old fashioned elbow grease. Get ready folks, it's doing the laundry AND getting a workout.

The portability and no electrical hook-up allows for washing and storing almost anywhere!

Now, I'm not sure that it's a reason to put the washer and dryer out on the curb. I do know that lots of ladies have delicates(I don't even know what a man's delicate would look like) and washing gently in the Laundry Pod would sure beat having to hand wash in the sink. 

I'm on board with the Laundry Pod as a good little(just over a foot cubed) appliance to have around. You can pick one up from lots of retailers for around 100 bucks(US$... I am in Alabama, after all). Can't find one locally? Ask the folks at Laundry Pod how to get one.

So, moment of truth... Would you use one? Good idea or fluff?

Nick Lovelady is the chief troublemaker over at the Cupboards Blog. He likes to blog about things that will make people laugh and undermine the DIY universe. A product of the Deep South(US), he says "ya'll" more than he would ever admit. Designing kitchen and bathroom spaces for discerning homeowners and watching American football are his chief hobbies.


ModernSauce said...

This would be perfect for when I'm stranded on a deserted island with all my delicates!

PS - The description of Nick is the funniest and most spot on thing I've ever read. It should go on his gravestone. ; )

Nick @ Cupboards said...

Thanks for letting me sit in at Useful Spaces, Arne!

Nick @ Cupboards said...

Madame- It's FOR desert island delicates! And thanks... I like descriptive bios... Maybe this is the one I need over on the Cupboards Blog.

Becky (@ecomod) said...

That thing is GREAT! I would totally use it for a quick load or even when the power's out. Awesome find, Nick! I might just have to schedule you for a guest post at EcoMod....

Nick @ Cupboards said...

You bet, Becky! I think it's an awesome little gadget, too. For the price, I'm not sure how much more one could ask.

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