Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Hallowe'en! Bitchin'!

This isn't actually a Hallowe'en picture of me.  It's from a Whitecaps game a couple years back when we all decided to dress up in our best "retro" gear.  But it illustrates a motto that I try to follow, and one that gets brought out around Hallowe'en:  "Life's more fun in costume." (Thanks to Boo La La for putting it into words for me).

I'm not suggesting we all go around dressed like ghosts and goblins (or a really bitchin' Whitecaps fan).  But the fact is life is a little more fun when we stretch our boundaries ... when we get outside of our comfort zone and do something just because it's fun.  Sometimes it takes a bit of disguise to give ourselves the courage to take the plunge.  And once you realize that the plunge didn't kill you or cause you any irreparable harm, it becomes easier to do it again ... just because it felt good.

So this evening as you wait for trick-or-treaters to come to your door, or you take out your own, don't forget to have a little fun yourself.


Nick @ Cupboards said...

I will treasure this photo forever... or at least until I need it for blackmail.

Great thoughts today, Arne!

Jeremy Parcels said...

I dig it! Will you be wearing that outfit to KBIS?

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