Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time For Some R&R;

I've not had a vacation in almost two years ... and before somebody points out that I was away in New York, Las Vegas and Louisville this year, those were work.  Time away?  Yes.  Vacations? No.

I've not taken a 2 week vacation since 2008.  I strongly believe that a vacation of two weeks or more is required to truly unwind.  The first week gets you out of "work" mode; the second is when you truly begin to relax.

Starting this weekend I will be taking a two week break ... from work and from Useful Spaces.  But fear not faithful reader.  I've gathered a stellar group of bloggers that I've had the great pleasure of meeting over the course of the past year.  Some you've been introduced to in previous posts, some will be new.  But they're all amazing people and write blogs that I visit on an almost daily basis.

I'm extremely grateful to these folk.  They've enriched my lives professionally and personally.  To help me show my gratitude I'm encouraging everyone to visit their blogs and websites.  Click their names and get set for some great reading!


Nick @ Cupboards said...

Woot! Exciting slate of folks, Arne!

Arne Salvesen said...

Yeah ... I'm especially looking forward to October 3rd! It's the only one I haven't read yet :-P

jb @BuildingMoxie said...

arne gratitude right back and have a beautiful and relaxing vacation. for the record I did lift the jb @ move from Nick @cupboards (kinda like you and the whole Tiffany's thing). 'cited to read them all!

Todd Vendituoli said...

Have a wonderful vacation Arne. Two years is too long as we all need a break to stay fresh. Enjoy!

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