Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day: More Than "Just a Mechanic"

There is something very noble about working with your hands.  I have immense admiration for people like my father, a retired heavy-duty mechanic.  He was a mechanic of some sort for his entire working life.  He's not "school-smart" like my mother's family of teachers, professors and professional students.  But he is without a doubt the smartest man I know when it comes to the internal combustion engine.

He was a handy guy to have around when I owned my first car.  It was a piece of junk to say the least, but between the two of us we managed to keep it running while I was going to university.  Whenever there was a problem with the Hallowe'en Machine he'd just have me drive him around the block and simply by listening to the engine or the brakes or the transmission he'd know exactly what was wrong and how to fix it.

And yet, as amazingly skilful as that is, my father always referred to himself as "just a mechanic."

The first Monday in September is Labour Day in Canada and the USA.  While the day originated as a celebration of the labour union movement, today it is more about celebrating the contribution of all workers. So this Labour Day, think about all the workers and the contributions they make to your life, both personal and professional, and be thankful for them.  For me I think about all the terrific trades I have that allow me to bring my designs to life.  But mostly I think of my father who was most definitely not "just" anything.


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