Friday, September 30, 2011

Designing, Florida Style - Guest Post

Ask anyone north of the Florida border what they think about first when our state is mentioned and usually you will get sunshine and beaches (unless they mention that rodent with the big ears). So it’s not surprising that a good portion of my clients request a “Florida Style” design for their kitchen or bathroom. Other than contemporary or modern this is my one of my favorites to work with and of course I’ve got opinions and pointers for you.
For starters this is NOT Florida style… Matter a fact I don’t know if it’s any style… except may be Motel 6 in 1986!

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s start with my favorite the cabinets. Most commonly used are shakers. Either flat panel or bead board will work well and adding a glaze and a distressed finish can give it that worn beach feel. Adding louvered doors to accent the kitchen can really set it apart.

When choosing the bathroom cabinets, you can get a little more creative. Because there are far less cabinets than in a kitchen, you can pick something with more character and even a piece that wasn’t intended to be a bathroom cabinet. One of my clients fell in love with this piece when she found it at a furniture store so we had a countertop made for it and turned it into a sink base.

Speaking of countertops, you can’t go wrong if you are choosing something that compliments the area. When using granite find something with movement. Waves, sand, and coastlines have long flowing curves similar to this slab of colonial gold. Shell stone, travertine, and wood tops are options that bring natural elements of the beach in to the space.

Most of the color pallets you see will be greens and blues but don’t be afraid to mix in yellows, oranges and shades of white, all will compliment the design.

Everything we have discussed will set the stage for these spaces to be your beach getaway; however they aren’t complete without the proper d├ęcor. I am not an interior designer or decorator but I think that less can be more here. A little foliage and some nautical pieces can go a long way to adding that tropical feel. Roll up shades and louvered window shutters can round it off nicely.

When designing a “Florida” style I try to avoid anything too trendy here since a beach style has its own casual feel and not all trends will compliment the room. Set out with a plan and stick to but don’t be afraid to make it a little playful. After all, isn’t that what you do in the vacation capital of the US?

Hello faithful Useful Spaces readers, my name is Jeremy Parcels and I am a kitchen and bathroom designer for a remodelling contractor in Bradenton, Florida. I grew up in the construction industry and began working with cabinets and carpentry at a young age I have been designing for the last five years. Designing rooms that are both functional and beautiful is my passion. You can follow me on twitter @rjmcontractors and read my blog here.


ModernSauce said...

Florida makes a stop off in Canada, eh?! Good job, Jeremy!

Jeremy Parcels said...

It's a switch, usually Canada makes stops in Florida. Thanks Madame Sunday!

Nick @ Cupboards said...

Good stuff, Jeremy... Glad Arne had you on!

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