Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP - False Creek Remodel - Part 8

The Sink Run
I've been designing kitchens and bathrooms for over 15 years now, and to this day there's still nothing that makes me happier than the sight of countertops being installed.  A room with finished drywall is a close second, but the installation of the countertops means the project is on the home stretch.  It allows all the other trades to finish; backsplashes can be finished, plumbing hooked up and appliances installed.  This is when the client really starts to see what their finished kitchen will look like.

So where are we at with this project right now?  Steve the cabinet installer has a few small items to finish with the cabinet installation now that the countertops are in (more on that later) and then will become Steve the finishing carpenter and start working on door casings and baseboards.

The Bar and Cooktop Area
The painter has been here this week as well.  He finished the ceiling so the electrician could install the lighting, and then put the first coat on the rest of the suite.  The addition of colour in the room is really starting to make things look "finished".

Now that the countertops are in, the plumber can get in and hook up the fixtures in the kitchen, and a couple in the bathroom.  The remaining bathroom fixtures will have to wait until the tile-setter is in.  Finally, the appliances have been delivered and will be installed soon ... which is good because they're currently occupying a lot of space!

The Bathroom
Next week, the tile floor in the foyer and the bathroom along with the kitchen backsplash will be installed and grouted.  Then plumbing fixtures can go in the bathroom, closet doors can be installed and the shower door and bathroom mirror can be fitted ...

... and the customer can finally move back home!  

WIP: False Creek Remodel is an actual remodel project of mine that I'm blogging in real time.  To see all the entries in this series just click the FOLLOW ME buttons at the top right of this page.  If there's any part of the project you're interested in, leave me a note in the comments section.


Edins House said...

Looking great!!
While I don't have 15 years of kitchen design experience, I know what you mean about counters and newly finished drywall... so satisfying and yet a moment filled with anticipation!

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