Monday, August 22, 2011

NIM: Taptile Low Voltage Switching

One of the biggest concerns I have when designing a bathroom is where to locate electrical switches.  They need to be convenient, but take safety into consideration.  As much as installing a dimmer switch within reach of the soaker tub sounds like a nice feature, the possibility of electrocuting my clients is ... ummm ... I definitely wouldn't want to do that.

Taptile is a new product that solves this little dilemma ... the locating a switch near a water source one.  Not the electrocuting clients one.  By using WiFi to control remote switches, Taptile allows you to run all circuits to a central location, and simply place switches where they are needed.  The switches are installed behind tile or other wall surfaces which means that the user never comes into contact with any electricity, low voltage or otherwise.

The Taptile system can also be used to control other electrical systems such as ventilation, jets in a jacuzzi tub or even a sound system.  Taptile is currently only available in the UK but they are working on international distribution.


Sean @ SLS Construction said...

Very cool, as an FYI there is a waterproof LCD system one can use for home automation available - I just for the life of me wish I could remember the name of it

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