Friday, August 12, 2011

Grohe LadyLux3 - Kitchen Faucet Innovations

I am exposed to many different products during each of the remodelling projects I do every year.  Appliances, countertops materials, hardware ... in fact, it's a lot like having the ultimate try-before-you-buy situation.  If there's a design consideration for a given product, chances are your design professional has seen it and can help you avoid design pitfalls as a result.

Grohe's new Ladylux3 faucet has two great examples of this.  The Ladylux is easily my favourite kitchen faucet.  I use it in the majority of my kitchens, and yet I learned a couple things about it for the first time on a recent project.

Most faucets will provide you with the size of hole required to mount the faucet into the countertop ... typically 1.25".  In most situations, you can safely assume the centre line of the hole and the centre line of the faucet are one and the same.  

The Ladylux3 is different.  It has offset the centre line of the faucet by 17/64" to give all the connection hoses room to fit down the right hand side.  This is not a big issue if you are dealing with an offset (bowl-and-a-half) sink.  But if you have a sink with two equal sized bowls, having the faucet off centre would be quite noticeable.  Grohe has included the instructions for the offset in the box with the faucet.  But if you're not looking for it, it would be easy to miss.

Another unique aspect of the Ladylux3 can be found in the handle.  This video explains how Grohe has addressed a design concern from previous incarnations of the Ladylux series in the Ladylux3.

These are two specific examples of the type information your design professional has at their fingertips, not just because of education, but because of experience.  


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