Friday, August 5, 2011

Give Me Reasons Not Excuses - Example A

I covered handling job-site issues in a post back in March.  Essentially it was a response to some poor customer relations I had experienced with one of my suppliers.  The result of that experience was that I have since changed suppliers and am so far much happier.

Last week a similar situation arose on one of my projects (not False Creek!), this time with much different results.  The photo on the left shows the new quartz countertops recently installed.  The fabricator came in when they said they would, worked quickly and tidily.  The seam was without a doubt the best quartz seam I have ever seen.  Ever. But have a closer look towards the centre of the photo.  Can't see it?  Let's zoom in a bit ...
Now can you see it?  Yep ... that's a blemish.  Quite a big one too.  I hadn't seen it.  Nor had the installers, the fabricators, and even the manufacturer.  With quartz, well, one just doesn't expect to see this sort of thing.  So when then client called me on Friday afternoon I was quite surprised to hear about it.  And when I emailed the fabricator's representative, also Friday, she was surprised by it too. 

This is where the great customer service kicks in.  The rep scheduled a site meeting with the client and I for Monday morning.  She arrived early, and had already set the wheels in motion to have the section of countertop replaced before I had even arrived.  I had prepared the client for a possible delay in the countertops (and the plumbing and tile work as a result) so when I called her and told her when the new tops would be installed (in a shorter time period than we had expected) she was happy to hear that things were proceeding in such an orderly fashion.

By simply facing the issue head on, both the fabricator and I took responsibility for the issue, dealt with it professionally, and came out looking like heroes in the customer's eyes even though something bad had happened on her job.  The fact is, bad stuff always happens.  It's how you deal with it that matters.


Nick @ Cupboards said...

Isn't it awesome to work with proactive folks?! For me, partnering with such great responders makes working with the less "with-it" so taxing.

Leslie Fine said...

I couldn't do what I do without the fabulous vendors and suppliers that are ready to jump in when needed. Bad things do happen (even though we do everything we can to prevent mishaps), but as you said, Arne, it's how everyone responds that leads to a positive and successful project and happy client.

Brenda Lynn said...

I am with you 100% Arne. Working with proactive is so much better than working with those people who just point fingers at someone else, passing the blame. It is so refreshing to work with people like you are describing. It makes our lives so much easier!

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