Friday, May 27, 2011

Secret Garage Door (aka Open Sesame)

Photo:  Dornob
When faced with the challenge of finding parking space in a crowded neighbourhood, the owners of this San Francisco home chose to look within the home itself and add a built in garage.

Structural and seismic issues had been looked into and the house was sound without any requiring any additional work. But because the house is in the historic Haight-Ashbury district, there was a planning commission to contend with and an aesthetic problem that had to be addressed. Essentially, a standard garage door was a non-starter.

To appease the aesthetic concerns of the planning commission, Beausoleil Architects came up with an ingenious solution. Rather than removing the front of the house for garage doors, they made the front of the house the garage doors.  Have a look:

A full description of the project can be found on Dornob


Tyre Repair Materials said...

I've seen this one. This garage door is really awesome. Who had this idea? No one could know it in a first look that it is a garage door.

plumbing said...

I love this. Love the concept open sesame. Thanks for sharing!

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