Monday, April 4, 2011

NIM - Peel Changes the Way We Surf

We've just installed digital television at home.  I'll be honest, having access to dozens of channels of soccer from around the world was my primary motivation for the move but we do in fact have many other choices besides soccer.  Perhaps too many.  Channel surfing with all the additional digital stations has become a bit of a pain.

There's a new product of the market designed to help people like me.  It's called Peel, and it uses an iPhone app (and soon Android) along with the Peel Fruit hardware (via WiFi) to "learn" your view habits and preferences.  The idea is to "peel" back the layers of unnecessary stuff to get to the programming you want.

If I thought I could keep my dogs from trying to eat the "Fruit" hardware, I just might give Peel a try!


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