Monday, April 11, 2011

NIM - Future Fridge

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A lot of the conceptual ideas I'm introduced to (many from Dornob.comare extremely clever, but so far fetched that I'm reluctant to share them.  But every now and then there comes an idea that due to recent developments in technology seems within our grasp.  This Smart Fridge concept from Ocado is one of those ideas.

The "A Day Made of Glass" video from Corning really got me thinking about some of the ideas I had put into the "unlikely category".  Touch sensitive screens and paper thin video screens could easily make the Smart Fridge a reality.

Imagine a fridge that identified the items you put inside it, knew which were ready to expire and which were running low, and displayed all this information on its face.  Or you're on your way home from work and have no idea what to make for dinner.  Using your iPhone you connect with your fridge to check your recipe file to see what you could make, and what you need to pick up on the way to make it.

One thing is clear with the new appliance ideas I've been seeing:  integration is going to be the new "must have" feature.  Whether it's integration with technology or integration with other appliances or devices, the kitchens our children will be working in will be more intuitive and more connected than ever before.


Brenda Lynn said...

Arne, I think that you are correct! I can not begin to imagine some of the stuff that my granddaughters will have in their kitchens. I will probably be as astounded as my own grandmothers would be if they could see the stuff that we are using now! Great post, as always.

Brenda Lynn

Arne Salvesen said...

My question remains: Will future generations be able to cook? So much of today's technology seems to revolve around people who don't know how to cook, and that concerns me. It will mean an increased reliance on processed foods.

Parents! Teach your kids to cook! (Ooooooh! New blog post idea!)

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