Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Still Remember LEGO

I love LEGO. It is without a doubt the most creative toy I know of. It provided me with hours of entertainment as a boy, and even more entertainment when my sons were young. I still keep a small set of it on my desk at work; it helps me get my creative juices flowing when I'm stuck on a design problem.

What might also help would be one of these really cool CPU cases from Coobeo. The Hello-Q case has a standard LEGO board front to which the user can attach and configuration of blocks they like. It's available in pink, blue, black and white.

LEGO has recently added a cool little device that would go perfectly with the Hello-Q: a key chain figurine that doubles as a USB drive. The USB port to the 2G drive is revealed by pulling off the pants of the minifig (LEGO geek speak for "minifigure") which while clever, leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable.

And what would you use a LEGO USB drive for? Why for transporting your Mindstorm programmes!  Only the coolest LEGO ever!

Finally, for the fashion conscious, Finn Stone has embraced the LEGO aesthetic with the LEG-GO stilettos. They were recently unveiled at the Affordable Art show in London. So next time you're feeling a little out of fashion, grab an old pair of shoes, a glue gun and your bucket of LEGO.


Corey Klassen AKBD BFA said...

Mmmm. Lego. I could quit my life and just play with Lego.

Arne Salvesen said...

I'm still trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into my business. Little LEGO cabinets, LEGO appliances ... plug & play with the Minifigs. Needs some "massaging".

Brenda Lynn said...

LEGO Cabinets, huh? Well they would be colorful... and you could reconfigure them when your needs changed!

Can't wait to actually meet you in June!

Brenda Lynn

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