Monday, March 7, 2011

NIM - Bigger Sometimes IS Better

Photo Credit: Wolf Appliance
This is one case where you won't hear me complaining about an appliance being too big.

Wolf Appliance has responded to consumer demand and has added another size to its collection of built-in outdoor grills.  Measuring a massive 54" wide, the new grill features a whopping 51,000 BTU of flame searing powered through 5 burners.  As with their other drills there's a 6" side burner available (shown in the photo on the right side of the grill) that will add another 25,000 BTU's for heating sauces or boiling water for crab or corn on the cob ... yeah, I've already got my menu planned.

Hopefully the Wolf/Subzero folk will have this one on display at KBIS.  Now I just have to figure how to sneak it into my luggage.


Decor Girl said...

Oh great, one more thing I'll have to have. Though for this one really needs an outdoor kitchen. Great, another design personal project list keeps getting bigger.

Thanks for the info! Nice blog.

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