Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Better to Know in Advance

I think most would agree that having a thorough home inspection is (or should be) standard practice before purchasing a home. But what about when planning an extensive remodel?

It’s not something we often consider, but having the home inspected before undertaking major renovations is becoming more common place. Wouldn’t it be a great to know what you’re getting yourself into before you open up the walls to add that new kitchen? Are there any problems beneath the surface that could cause delays, or even prevent the proposed renovations?

In the remodel business, surprises almost always mean additional costs. Knowing about issues ahead of time would lessen the pain of the additional costs, and would most certainly allow for a better planned and hopefully speedier plan of attack. That could potentially save you money.

And as is the case before a home purchase, make sure you seek out a licensed and independent home inspector. I’m not trying to suggest that any home inspector would do anything other than honest work, but as my father once told me “perception is reality.” Why risk any possibility of impropriety? In Canada you can contact the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors; in the USA it’s the


Raina Cox said...

Such a smart suggestion!

jb @buildingmoxie said...

inspectors suck! ha! this is an interesting proposition of course... I do not like the home inspection model for *anything* here in the, because they are often limited by what they call conflict of interest, and can not offer in most cases "real" value... pg 92 of my business plan has notes on this dilemma. . .and it is something I'd like to look at more closely . . . at minimum I smell a rebuttal post. hhmmmmmmmmmmm and I think that speaks to a great posting! ~jb

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