Friday, March 11, 2011

The 2011 Kitchen Faucet Season

This is a really exciting time of year in the world of plumbing fixtures. With trade shows like IMM, and KBIS on the horizon, manufacturers are busily releasing new faucets to the market. I had a chance to sneak a view at some of the new lines from Brizo when I was in New York recently. I had to swear to keep what I saw a secret (seriously, I signed papers and everything!) until each faucet was ready to be released.

Brizo - Solna
At the beginning of March, Brizo let the cat out of the bag and added the Solna line to their catalogue. I think it’s worth the wait. Clean lines seem to be the path most manufacturers are taking these days, and Solna is no exception. Skandinavian inspired, it features a clever little pull-out head that hides almost invisibly into the faucet neck when not in use, and Brizo’s MagneDock™ technology makes sure it stays there. Solna is available in Chrome, Stainless and Brished Bronze finishes, and comes in the standard kitchen and smaller bar faucet format.

Grohe - K7
Grohe is another favourite manufacturer of mine. Their latest addition, the K7 series will be availble in North America this month. K7 draws more from an industrial aesthetic with its strong line and bulkier shape. There’s also a version of the K7 that models itself after the professional style faucet with a high arched coil; visually interesting is an understatement. Each faucet comes in chrome or stainless-stainless steel finish and is available with an optional side spray.

KWC faucets from Switzerland have always been on the leading edge of contemporary style. With their latest addition, the SIN, they’ve found inspiration from a more traditional source. The base of the SIN faucet line is styled after the Bordeaux wine bottle, adding a gentle curve into an otherwise linear design. It features a swivel-spout design and a pull-out hand-held spray, useful for prep and clean-up. The single lever can be positioned during installation to sit on the left, right or front of the faucet, giving you even more choices for your kitchen design.

I have to admit that I've been a little blas矇 about faucets in the past.  There hasn't been much in the way of original design.  However the new offerings we've seen in the past couple of years have started to put the twist back into faucet design, and that's good for everyone.  Is there anything you like here?  Anything you've seen that's offering something unique?


Nick @ Cupboards said...

Great choices!

Arne Salvesen said...

Thanks Nick. I'm actually installing the K7 pro0style faucet in a new project. Pictures will be forthcoming. Really looking forward to seeing what will be presented at KBIS this year.

Becky / @ecomod said...

Love that K7 one, Arne! And that Solna series is droolworthy, also. Looking forward to meeting you @ KBIS. :)

Carmen Christensen said...

Hey Arne, great comparison and great selections. Nice!

Maria Killam said...

Fabulous, love the first one! Thanks for the comment Arne, I didn't realize you had a blog, love it!

Arne Salvesen said...

Thanks Carmen & Maria.

Didn't know I had a blog? I need to fire my marketing guy (translation: give myself a good talking to!). Glad you found me.

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