Monday, February 28, 2011

NIM: Proof Apple is Evil Empire 2.0

For today's New Idea Monday I'd like to continue with my assertion that Apple is the Evil Empire 2.0 (Evil Empire 1.0 having been Microsoft).  Now, before you start filling my inbox with "Jesus would have use Apple" hate-mail, you should know I use an iPhone, and I think iTunes is just swell.  But sometimes a company is just too clever for its own good, and I become suspicious.

Photo credit:  Control4
Apple's iPhone and iPad apps have really pushed the boundaries of what a personal computing device (not laptop) can do.  So I was not really surprised when Control4 released an app for the iPad than allows a user of one of their IP based home control systems to control any controllable system in their home.  With Control4® My Home the user can dim lights, start the home theatre, close your garage door, monitor your locks and security cameras, stream music ... if this thing learns to cook, I'm in trouble.
“Consumers want the devices in their home to be integrated and easy to use. The Control4® Operating System is designed to do just that. Many of our customers use touch screens to access their Control4 system and the iPad is a great platform that meets the needs of many homeowners for exactly this task.”   -Will West, Chief Executive Officer of Control4. 
If you already own a Control4 system, you can download the iPad application from their website or iTunes.  To find a Control4 dealer in your area, click here.


Nick @ Cupboards said...

Yikes... kind of scary.

Is it bad that I kind of want it?

Arne Salvesen said...

I wanted something like this for my tree-fort when I was 8. But I know what you mean. Anybody who has kids could lose control of their home really quickly if the iPad fell into the wrong, teenaged hands.

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