Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Free Whitecaps Cupcake

A bonus Saturday post ...

I've been a fan of Vancouver Whitecaps FC since they played their first match in 1974, and when the old NASL folded in 1984 I began the long wait for the day my club would return to the top flight of North American soccer.  As of today, that day is 21 days away, and to say I'm excited is an understatement of epic proportions.

The Whitecaps have been running a viral marketing campaign, releasing a new video for each of the 30 days  leading up to their first kick in the MLS.  It's been quite clever and I find myself clicking on the website over breakfast to see the latest instalment.  Today's video featured Marco of Fratelli Italian Bakery on Commercial Drive, and Whitecaps legend Carl Valentine playing a little one on one outside thebakery.  As a bonus the first 100 people to visit Fratelli today and say "21 days 'til Kickoff" will receive a free Whitecaps cupcake.

The decision to visit Fratelli Bakery was a no brainer.  I've been in love with their canoli for years.  And since I was heading into the office this morning anyway, making a quick stop along the way was an easy choice.  Not only did I get my free cupcake, I also grabbed coffee and a couple things for lunch and had a chance to chat with Marco, who seems just as excited about the Whitecaps as I am.

Oh, and the cupcake?  It tasted like VICTORY!


Fratelli Italian Bakery
1795 Commerical Drive
Vancouver, BC


Raina Cox said...

Dude, I'd knock my mother down for a free cupcake.

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