Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting The Job Done

This is a pile of flooring.  Really nice bamboo engineered flooring.  It's going to go brilliantly with the Quarter-sawn White Oak cabinetry we're installing in this kitchen.  But I know what you're asking:  Why is he posting about a pile of flooring?

This morning this pile of flooring was not in the kitchen, where it is now.  It was downstairs in a back bedroom.  If you know anything about flooring, you know that flooring should be stored in the room it's being installed in so the wood can acclimatise, or "adjust" the the conditions of the room.  It's important to do this to ensure a proper installation.

But like I said, the flooring was downstairs.

My client purchased the flooring themselves, and arranged for its delivery.  The company that delivered the flooring (apparently one guy in a 1980 Toyota Corolla) saw fit to place the flooring downstairs.  That wasn't the wrong choice.  In fact it was a good choice since it kept the flooring out of the way of the dry-wallers who were finishing up last week, and the cabinets which were delivered this week.

But the fact remains, the flooring needed to be upstairs.

Normally I'd ask the clients to move it.  They ordered it after all.  But these clients are older, and even if they offered (which they did) I'd be a heel for allowing them to do so.  My contractor has moved on to another project while the cabinets are being installed, so he's out.  So too were the cabinet delivery guys who muttered something about it "not being their &*^% job."

Which brings me back to this pile of flooring:  Twenty packages each weighing about seventy-five pounds separated from where they were to where they needed to be by two flights of stairs and one maze-like hallway.  It took my installer and I about 20 minutes to move it all which was about five minutes less than it took me to write this post.

Sometimes you just need to do what needs to be done.


Corey Klassen AKBD BFA said...

THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly.

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