Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fan Form & Function - Part 2

I've got a bit of a bee in my bonnet these days over ventilation and I'm not sure why.  But for today I'd like to put aside the whole function debate and take another look at some of the more stylish fans on the market.

Italian manufacturer Elica is well know for really focussing on the form of their fans, and I'm glad to say that most of them are available in North America.  The Stone Gallery caught my eye a while back, not because of the stone face per se, but because it's added a light to help highlight the texture of the stone.  I don't find the light itself all that attractive and would likely remove it and find another way to wash the stone face with light, but I really appreciate the thought they put into this.

The wonderfully named Alba Cubo is new for 2011.  Your eyes aren't deceiving you, there is no duct attached to this island hood.  What we have here is a very clear case of form over function; the fan is "self venting," or rather, it filters the air through charcoal filters and pumps it back into the room.  There is a duct available, but in terms of aesthetics the ductless option gets my nod.

The Starlight is something I've not seen before.  It's not a ventilator for cooking; it's an air purifier and pendant light.  I can see this being used in the dining room in an open plan kitchen ... especially if your island hood isn't ducted (looking at YOU Alba Cubo).  The Starlight comes with a remote control to adjust the speed of filtration, but also the LED lighting which can be changed to one of 256 different colours.

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