Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anyone Hungry?

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It seems having a split personality was getting a bit much for me.

I've been posting about food on "I Could Eat" since January of 2008.  In a bid to get more "professional" and write about something I REALLY knew I introduced useful spaces in March of 2009.  And so for the past year I've been splitting my writing time, and feeling like I'm not really giving either project the attention it deserves.

But rather than chose one project over the other, I've decided to merge the two.  After all, what goes better with the subject of kitchens than the subject of food?  And if in the process I can inspire someone looking for a kitchen designer to try a new recipe, or a weekend griller to re-design their kitchen ... you get the idea.

So, for all of you who follow useful spaces you're about to get a little hungry.  I've just added 2 years worth of food posts as well, so have a look through the archives to see what I've been up to.  And if you run into a link error (I'm sure there are a few I've missed) please leave me a message in that post.


Nick @ Cupboards said...

LOVE the idea of putting it all in one place(now I get to have it all in my stream).

Looks like a winner!

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