Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Islands

A couple of very different additions to the collection of islands I've discussed over the past few years. Both are excellent examples of functional design, but what really caught my eye was how each was able to showcase the beauty of the wood it was made from.

This stunning kitchen is the creation of Sabrina Bignami of b-arch studios in Prato, Italy.  What could have easily become a cold and soulless space has been made warm and perhaps even whimsical by the use of aged pine for the island.  The pine sits in complete contrast to the concrete, stainless steel and painted barn board, focussing all attention to the centre of the room.  The countertop, large enough to house the sink and cooktop, is a combination of solid wood and stainless steel.

Island #2 comes courtesy of my favourite designer, Johnny Grey.  Made from a select piece of burr oak, the island uses the natural grain of the wood to stand out as the predominant design feature.  The gap between the two pieces of oak is back-lit with LED lights Grey describes it this way:
Imagine looking across a field at night and seeing an old barn with gaps between the boards and light peeping through. The mystery of what lies behind and the darkness all around provides a comforting feeling as well as a desire to know more.


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