Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Wagon - Revisited

Red Wagon is fast becoming my go to place for comfort food lunches.  I first told you about this new Hastings Street diner last month, and have been back a number of times with various friends and family members.  There's nothing mind-blowing here about the food, which is kind of the point.  Diner classics, really well executed, it a friendly, unpretentious environment.

Yesterday was my first crack at their burger.  Now, I'm not one of those overly critical navel gazing burger Nazis from the various Burger Clubs scattered across the map.  I mean, seriously, it's a burger:  meat, bun, condiments.  The moment a discussion on burgers breaks into a flame war ... well, you're taking yourself way too seriously.

Having said that, the burger at Red Wagon is top notch.  Good Bun:Meat ratio, fresh toppings ... the bacon and cheddar I added were ... um ... baconny and cheesey.  Like I said, it's a burger.  No unctuous needed. The fries were also excellent; the kind you'd order after school, and devour with great enthusiasm with an ice cold Coke.  I see a poutine in my future.

My dining cohort made a great observation about Red Wagon during our lunch.  He said "I love the clientèle here," which nicely backs up my comment about the diner being unpretentious.  The room was filled with all walks of life:  the hard-hat crowd, the ladies who lunch, students, professionals ... and whatever you want to label me as.  It's comfortable ... and that (along with the great music they play!) is what keeps me coming back.


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