Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Back to the Earth, LEGO-Style
If you've had a look at my profile (the words below my smiling face on the right), you'll know my introduction to the world of design came from LEGO.  It seemed to me that the simple LEGO block could be used to build just about anything.

French company Meco Concept has taken this concept a step further with their Meco-Press (Note:  website is in French).  The portable press can churn out 30 LEGO-Style Blocks every hour.  The bricks make rammed-earth houses simple to construct, and more flexible in their design.  Building materials simply come from the job site, provided the soil on the job site is at least 20% clay.  The bricks are quite strong, water resistant, but need help with insulation.

The Meco-Press is available for sale, or rent if you happen to live in France!


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