Monday, December 13, 2010

Street Eats - Poke'm!

Last Friday was an opportunity to join the throngs of Christmas shoppers Downtown.  Not willingly mind you.  Trust me, I'd much rather listen to a Justin Bieber's Christmas album (if there, Heaven help us, is such a thing) than deal with the lunacy that is Christmas shopping.  But when I'm stumped on gift ideas I go to where the choices are greatest, and so Downtown I went.

The trip wasn't a total gong show because it gave me another opportunity to check out a new street-food cart.  This visit was to Poke'm.  Poke'm is serving more what I expect out of street food vendors ... Hawker-style.  Small bite sized portions of food, packed with flavour.  Their menu is simple:  6 Pokes and 6 Sauces.  Pick one of each for $3.75, or get 2 orders for $7.   For an extra 50 cents you can get a sesame bun (free with the combo).

They recommended the Fish Fritters with Japanese sauce.  Very nice choice.  Fritters were very light and tender, and most important on a chilly December day, hot!  The "sauce" is sweet wasabi, mayo and teriyaki, topped with sesame & seaweed.  Not overly Japanese-y but enough so that you get the idea.  This ain't not fish and chips is what I'm trying to say.

Poke'm is simple, quick and with 252 combinations (I included no sauce in my calculations) you'll never get bored.  Although based on what I had on my first visit, I could have that again for quite a while and be a very happy man.

And if anyone has any ideas for a great gift for my wife, I'd really like to avoid another trip downtown.


Location: Corner of Robson and Hornby
11:30 am - 6:30pm


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