Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Photo Mural in Tile

French company OKHYO has come up with one of the coolest ideas for tile I've seen in a long time.  If you can remember the 1970's, you'll likely remember the photo wallpaper that was popping up in rec rooms throughout suburbia.  Scenes of tranquil streams and mountain ranges were popular designs.

OKHYO has taken this idea and brought it to the world of ceramic tile.  Browse through their catalogue of designs to select a scene you like, indicate the size of the area you want to tile, and then select the size and grade of tile (interior or exterior).  You can then adjust the image size and location in your field of tile before you order, a nice option if you'd rather not have a faucet or electric outlet in the middle of your picture.  And if you can't find an image you like you can upload one of your own.

The OKHYO site is fun to play with even if you don't plan on using their tiles.  Select a room, and then select a tile image to place it in the room.  Everwonder what your office would look like with a New York City backdrop?  Some of their images border on the "sickeningly cute" but if you want a dalmation puppy to adorn your backsplash (seriously, it's in the image gallery under "Animaux") who am I to judge?  One note:  You'll need to brush up on your French and Metric system to use the site.


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