Monday, November 22, 2010

NIM - The Ups & Downs of Bathroom Sinks

Determining the height of the bathroom sink is a real struggle for some people.

If you walk into your typical home centre and have a look at pretty much any bathroom sink cabinet or pedestal sink you'll find they come at an average height of 30" (765mm).  If you're an average height person you'll be spending the better part of your life bent over when you wash your hands at one of these sinks.

Many designers (myself included) have started using kitchen heigh cabinets to solve this problem.  However, the 36" (915mm) height of the countertop can be a bit of a stretch for children and those who require a wheelchair for mobility.

For years I've thought it would be great to have a sink you could adjust to suit the user.  We've played around with some ideas, but the plumbing always seems to get in the way.  The Allatezza height adjustable sinks by Italian company Rapsel seem to have that problem sorted out.  The pedestal uses pneumatics to raise and lower the sink ... you pump it up or down like a barbershop chair!  And as if being functional wasn't enough, they look pretty darn cool!


Kelly at Kitchen Sync said...

Okay, that's really neat. Is it compatible for our plumbing codes? (Gee, ask me why I'd ask that question...)

Arne Salvesen said...

I don't see why not. The only stumbling point that I can see would be the drain, which would need to be flexible. I don't know how it works in the USA, but in Canada you can apply to have something CSA approved (our version of UEL). So, if it's not approved it can become approved.

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