Friday, October 22, 2010

Work in Progress (or: No, I'm Not Independently Wealthy)

Despite what some may think, I'm not an independent designer.  I work with the fine folk over at Paradigm Kitchen Design ... you may have noticed the link over to the right, below my smiling mug.  In addition to the design work I do for Paradigm, I've also been keeping a blog for them.  The Paradigm Blog is more focussed on the company and what it can do, while useful spaces is more about me and things I find interesting. 

Normally, I'm happy to keep the two blogs separate, but every now and then I post something on one that seems appropriate for the other.  Such is the case my most recent post on the Paradigm Blog: WIP - Ridge Meadows Reno - Part 1.

This project is my second re-re-do, the first being a project I did in West Vancouver.  I did the first remodel for the Ridge Meadows folk back in 2000.  I suppose the fact that I'm back there means things went well the first time!  Anyway, have a read and keep following the action over on the Paradigm Blog.  I'll be updating as things happen. 


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