Thursday, October 21, 2010

Street Eats - Kimono Koi Crepes

Quick ... when you think of Japanese food, what's the first thing you think of?  If you said crepes, then you're either lying or better versed on Japanese cuisine than I (which wouldn't be difficult, trust me).

Kimono Koi Crepes likely has the best location of the new food carts.  Just come up from the Vancouver Centre station on the Canada Line and you run right into it - either the cart itself or the lineup in front of it.  Kimono serves up a wide variety of savory and sweet Japanese style crepes.  Ingredients include tuna sausage, ham and cheese and usually a couple daily specials.  But it's on the sweet side where they really shine.  Cheesecake, brownies, ice cream ... topped off with a couple Pocky. 

A couple things to note:

These are not small crepes.  They're rolled into a cone so they hold a lot of filling, so for your $5-$10 you get a lot.

The sweet crepes are ... well ... SWEET.  The "Banana Brownie" (banana, brownie, nutella, custard, fresh cream, chocolate syrup) I enjoyed left me with the sugar shakes a couple hours later, but was so good I'd do it again.

There are only two people working the stand, and they make each crepe to order.  Translation: expect a wait.  I was there in the middle of the afternoon and waited about 20 minutes.  I'd expect lunch would be longer.

Kimono Koi Crepes
Granville St & W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Mondays


Anonymous said...

Awesome deal! I loved my Straweberry Brownie crepe.

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