Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Good For The PNE?

After last weeks culinary foray into the annual PNE gut-busting festival, I thought I'd share with you a discovery that had me thrilled and dismayed at the same time.

Along the bottleneck that connects the West end of the fair with the Playland end, you would have found red and black catering van.  The venture is called Roaming Dragon, and it was without a doubt the best food I've ever had at the fair. 

Roaming Dragon is the fortunate result of Vancouver's decision to join the 21st century and allow vendors to offer street food just as cities around the world have been doing for eons.  While Vancouver's offerings are slim at the moment (and no I don't count hot dog carts other than Japa-dog) my visit to Roaming Dragon gives me hope for the future.

Pork-belly sliders.  Served on a bao-style bun, these are garnished with some marinated veggies.  Perfect little bite-sized hits of porcine goodness.

Korean short rib tacos.  Could have used a hit of spice ... kimchee or sriracha perhaps ... but also excellent.

So while I am thrilled to see Roaming Dragon will be a permanent fixture on our streets, it makes me a little sad that all the food at the PNE couldn't be this creative.  Of course there's always going to room for Jimmy's Lunch and Deep-Fried Butter, it would be great to have some more options of a higher calibre.  Regrettably, I fear that such food is just too good for the fair.


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