Sunday, September 19, 2010

Street Eats - Re-Up BBQ

It's been a long time coming, but Vancouver finally has a street food scene. And by street food, I'm not talking about hot dogs, or those roasted chestnuts you see around Christmas.  No, the streets of the city are now home to a wide variety of food, including burritos, fish balls, crepes and pizza.  It was actually the visit to Roaming Dragon at the PNE that inspired me to visit some of the new additions to our culinary scene.  If what I ate there is any indication of what Vancouver is about to offer, then I may not have to travel to Portland or Seattle to get my street food fix.  One can only hope.

My first visit was Re-Up Barbeque.  As a barbeque practitioner myself, I'm always thrilled, and then sceptical when I hear about someone offering pulled-pork sandwiches.  For such a simple dish, pulled pork, at least in our part of the world, is done poorly more often than well.  Approaching Re-Up's tiny cart at the corner of Hornby and Georgia it would be easy to lower you expectations, and that would be a mistake.
From within their tiny stainless steel box, Re-Up BBQ serves up pulled pork sandwiches for only $6.  The pulled pork and a couple of home-made sodas ($2 each) make up their total menu.  But what they lack in variety they more than make up for in quality and flavour. 

The sandwiches are generous in size, and are made the way I like them:  with a large dollop of coleslaw on the top and plenty of sauce.  The sodas were fine.  Not great, but for $2 I'd rather have them than an over-priced bottle of water.  An amazing value for a top quality lunch.  In addition, you have the added benefit of being able to grab your lunch, and take a seat on the steps of the Art Gallery overlooking the fountain.  For a brief moment, Vancouver feels like a grown-up city.

700 Hornby St
Vancouver, BC


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