Monday, September 20, 2010

NIM: Just Hangin' Around

Heating is something I haven't discussed a lot on useful spaces.  It's not that it's not important ... ask anyone who walks into a cold bathroom every morning at 6am ... it's just that it's not really all that design oriented.  In North America the majority of homes have some form of central heating which is primarily hidden from view.  Localized heating (electric or water) really gives us the only opportunity to bring any design into the equation. Sadly, most heaters are utilitarian at best, and downright ugly at their worst.

I am completely unsurprised to find that the Italians have once again come up with an elegant solution to this problem.  Ad-Hoc design features a wide variety of electric space heaters to work with practically any decor.  My favorite of the group is the Tiki (pictured left) which is suspended from the ceiling.  Available in "satin" or "white", the Tiki is rated at 750W.

Would you even guess that it was a heater?


Kelly at Kitchen Sync said...

Wouldn't have a clue it was a heater; however, it sure is a lot more attractive than the typical European heater, isn't it?

Those Italians. Have to admire how they think outside of tradition in the best possible ways!

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