Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leather - Not Just for Jackets Anymore

Leather as a wall or floor covering is nothing new. Do a quick internet search and you'll find hundreds of examples.  Not only has it been used for ages, it has been on the current palate of interior designers as a "hot trend" for the last few years.  So why bring them up now?  Well a couple products came across my desk this week that put a new twist on the standard leather tile look. 

The first comes from Cuir au CarrĂ© of France.  Their leather series brings these tile into a new dimension, adding depth, and details like stitching.  They offer a wide range of leather and imitation leather panels made in their Parisian workshop. Available in several sizes and numerous colours, the leather and mock leather tiles, with refined finishing touches, can be fitted to a variety of applications (doors, headboards, furniture, walls, floors etc.) to highlight any design.

Looking for something more suitable to a wetter environment, like your bathroom?  Alfa Ceramica's Pelle series uses porcelain to recreate the look of the real thing.  A full line of field tiles and listello inserts are available in a wide range of colours/

As is the case with most materials from Europe, getting product in North America is dependent on a local distributor.  Now, if someone wanted to fly me to Paris for the Cuir au CarrĂ© I'd be happy to help out.


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