Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bivalve Blessings

This past weekend my wife was away in Las Vegas to celebrate her sister's birthday. She is violently allergic to bivalves (oysters, mussels, clams, etc.), so when we're apart for any length of time (which is rare) I make haste to the closest source of oysters, mussels or clams.  And so, on Saturday night, my sons and a group of friends sat down at Kits Daily Kitchen and indulged in four dozen "Little Wing" oysters.

The oysters were as perfect as could be. Briney, sweet and rich ... washed down with a nice Pouilly-Fuisse they were worth the wait. Conversations flowed, more food was ordered (Pork cheeks, King Crab belly, stuffed Zucchini flowers), more friends joined the table throughout the evening. The restaurant emptied out around us. Dessert arrived, we caught up on each other's lives, and then it was time to go.

But somewhere between the slurps of a great oysters, lively conversation with my sons and friends, and dessert, I began to count all the blessing in my life that had combined to make the evening.

I am blessed with the love of my life.  My wife is truly my better half.  She knows me better than anyone.  She comforts me when I'm down, and kicks my ass when I feel sorry for myself.  I am a better man for just knowing her.  Her alergy is no burden on me ... in fact without it, the oyster-fest wouldn't have happened.

I am blessed with a family.  My sons are becoming fine young men.  And even though they are at the age when they are more interested in spending time with their friends than with their old man, we always find time for each other. 

I am blessed with friends.  I believe the saying "You don't get to pick your family, but you pick your friends" is only partially correct.  I believe your friends pick you.  The people that have included me in their lives add dimension to mine.  They challenge and inspire me.

For some this was just another meal. For others, it was their first time enjoying raw oysters. For me, it was a chance to revisit with some old friends and be thankful for all that I have ...

... and the oysters.  I was definitely blessed with the oysters.

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen
1809 W 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC

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Awwww love what you say about your wife and family, that is sweet (I hear you on enjoying the time they DO spend with you.) Cannot get behind the whole Oyster thing though..crab yes... Oyster no.

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